September 3

Fake Brands in Mumbai – The Playboy

The heights of fake brands.
Outside Andheri station where they boast about original “Louis Vuitton” and “Versace” jeans and t-shirts.
And at Fashion street where you get “Original” D&G jeans for like 200 bucks. 😛

Check out the pic below


The above one was taken at Matunga Station. Just a random pic.:P
The guys wearing a “Paly Boy” shirt. 😛
Funny aye?

June 29

A Deathline Or A Lifeline

Mumbai local trains, It’s a complete package of entertainment, Mumbaikars hate it, love it, curse it, & care for it. I’m speaking about The Mumbai Local, the life line & the death line of Mumbai. Half of the Mumbai crowd travels in mumbail local trains. Every train commuter knows it very well that the Mumbai Local Train holds a prominent place in his/her life. Every Mumbaikar has a super unique bonding with The Mumbai Local.Push, pull, run, shout, abuse, snatch or jump or do anything possible but get inside the train. This is what The Mumbai Local offers to its commuters. The Mumbai Local train easily becomes one of the most fascinating part of every commuter and one learns & builds up the required bonding with The Mumbai Local very easily. Mumbai teaches everything & so does The Mumbai Local.

You find various types of daily commuters, But every commuter rants one same thing the moment he steps inside the train… “Bhai aage jaa na.. darwaje pe kyu khada hai..?” (Brother, go inside the train.. why are you standing near the door of the train compartment..?) No matter the train is over-crowded or empty, you will hear this line repeatedly. People unintentionally tend to advise or scold the co-commuters and the reason for this ranting is the frustration they suffer & carry in their daily lives.

Some commuters just shout at others, some of them just laugh at others. Some commuters keep reading the never ending newspapers & some commuters plug in their ear phones to play some music. You will find a group of students discussing about exams or planning for a mass bunk.

Some commuters sleep, some commuters sing a song & travel their way to their own dream world. Some chant God’s name, some abuse. Some commuters talk cricket or politics & some keep their mouths shut. Some commuters just sit back & watch whats happening around.

The most interesting people you find in the train are the one who have become part of an undesired friendship & bonding with the co-commuters & the bonding between them is so strong & awesome that these groups of people compose songs / lyrics of their own. They create music with the plastic bottles which sound like the Tabla instrument. Some create music by banging their tiffin boxes, some bang their hands on the outer side of the compartment, while some talented guys have the ability of making different vocal sounds. Let me share an experience :
One of the groups I came across was the group that boarded the local at CST. They were about 8-10 guys singing their way to the glory.

The song started as soon as the train started at CST. I was travelling from CST to Thane. Believe me, it was one of the most lovable & memorable time of my life. They took us through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s era of Indian Bollywood. The songs & the music was so pleasing to hear. Then suddenly, one of them started singing a song of his own. Well that guy was great. All the commuters present in the compartment were having a good time inspite of their stressful day in the office.

You make so many “Hi-Bye friends”. You make some friends with whom you just exchange a smile every day. You make some friends with him you shake hand every day.You sometimes end up your day meeting your old friend in the same compartment or on the platform.

There are a few commuters who keep reading the advertisements bills sticked inside in train compartment walls which promise to uncover your future life with their astroligic power. You will find names like Joshi Pundit Baba, RamKunj Baba & few other computerized Babas.(no offence)

Another interesting and exciting stuff is that some commuters chant “Ganapati Bappa Morya.. Mangal Moorti Morya” when train arrives Dadar station & “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai” when train approaches CST. Some people keep on shooting a video of whatever happens in the train so that they can share it. While some like me keenly observe the happenings so that they can write an article like this. Hahahah 😛

Stuffs like, Fights, robbery, violence, never ending phone calls, bomb blasts, hawkers, dabbawalas, Mumbai Police under-cover agents and many many more interesting things happen in The Mumbai Local which you and me will never ever even think about.

The worst things happen in train. But even the bomb blasts have not been able to break the bonding that has been developed between the commuters & the train over the period of years. May be we do not have any other choice but to use The Mumbai Local for moving from one place to another, but we still risk our lives to travel in The Mumbai Local every day. Proud to be a Mumbaikar!

If you are a daily commuter, I hope that I have been able to create a small picture in your mind where in you have seen one of the unknown commuters whom you meet almost every day.

Thanks a ton for reading. Please share if you liked it.

June 5

Euro 2012 in Mumbai

euro 2012

Euro 2012: Fight for European Domination

You cannot help but be excited about the Euro 2012, unless you are one of those who wonder why Barcelona are not playing or those who are trying to figure whatever happened to Brazil. For the rest of us the European championship is back and Spain is going to defend its title. Spaniards have ruled Champions since Euro 2008 and also at the Fifa World Cup 2010. The competition is tougher with injuries and younger talent pouring in after proving their mettle at club level.Watch out for Mario Gotze(GER), Christian Eriksen(DEN), Robert Lewandowski(POL), Robin Van Persie(NET), L.Modric(CRO). Everybody has recognized Germany as a tough competition after their presence in the Fifa World Cup 2010(Third Place) and the UEFA Champions League 2011-2012(Runner-up). Spain Goalkeeper and Captain Iker Casillas says, “It’s not going to be easy for Spain to retain it’s title”

We live in Mumbai and it’s a far off in the future till we can watch the Euro or even the World Cup in India. No No we have the right quality shoes now, but sadly we are not well equipped to host yet. Until then we can watch the tournament at home or out with friends and family. There are many lounges and clubs where you can watch the matches daily, but since they are not easy to find. We have compiled a list of places in Mumbai where you can clang beer mugs while you watch the gruesome competition.

Euro 2012 in Mumbai


Television: Neo Sports(India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives)

Broadband: Stream it on


Places to watch in Mumbai:

Cafe Goa @ The Den, Khar:- link

Geoffrey’s – Marine Plaza, Churchgate :- link

LagerBay, Bandra West:- link

Wah! Bollywood, Khar:- link

Bora Bora, Juhu:- link

Quarter Deck Restaurant, Andheri West:- link

Irish Pub – Ramee Guestline Hotel, Khar:- link

Sports Bar Express, Colaba:- link

IBar, Bandra West:- link

Score Sports Bar & Grill, Malad West: link

Headquarters, Colaba:- link

Cool Chef Cafe, Mumbai, India: link

Manchester United Café Bar, Lower Parel

Manchester United Café Bar, Malad

Manchester United Café Bar, Mulund

Pop Tates-The Unrestaurant, Mulund

(Do give us a heads up in case we missed any places)

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May 27

Life in Mumbai through the eyes of Kanika!

Thanks to my father’s frequent transfers, my family and I have always been on the move. Born in the pink city of Jaipur, I moved to the country’s capital, and from there right down to the south, to the rice bowl of India. After staying 3 years in Hyderabad , finally the news came that were going to Mumbai (then Bombay). Of course we were all thrilled! We had heard so much about Mumbai and seen so much of it on the big screen.

I was fortunate to stay in Bandra , the queen of the suburbs and home to all the movie stars. I was barely 10 , so I don’t recall much. I do however remember that the initial few days we had a tough time. The apartments we were staying in all this while were huge, but this one was pretty small comparatively.  Surprisingly, we got used to it pretty soon. For me, back then , the best part about being in Mumbai was the friends I made. I had a huge group of friends and we would be screaming our lungs out till about 9 in the night and it wouldn’t stop there. We would all gather again after dinner and get back to screaming! Then of course, there was the beach.  WOW! I had never seen anything like it before. My sister and I were tingling with joy at our first sight of the sea. Chasing the waves, jumping in the water, running around everywhere and how can I forget, kala khatta! The Bandra fair is another thing of which I have a faint memory. I remember that night my sister and I returned home at 12 and our  parents for some reason didn’t seem worried at all. Then there was the Ganpati visarjan, the dancing, the laziums, the decorations which was indeed an experience like never before. Christmas in Bandra was truly lovely! Many  of our neighbors were Christians, so that further added to the charm. The entire suburb would be lit up, and after the mid night mass, the streets would be filled with people wishing each other a merry Christmas.

After one eventful year in Bandra we shifted to Andheri.  There we stayed for round 3 years and in these 3 years I started to pick up the mumbaikar lingo! Words like ‘chop ‘ ‘popat’ ‘baaju mein’ ‘keede’ and ‘pani puri’ (for gol gappas) came to me naturally. In the few years we stayed there I started to realize how dirty the city was. My sister and I were intrigued as to how people would stand at bus stops surrounded by heaps of garbage without even covering their nose.  But I also realized that truly the most charming aspect of mumabi was the rain!. It poured day in and day out and I absolutely loved it. Watching the rain from my window, eating a bhutta, and listening to music were my favourite things to do. Another thing was dandiyah which I thoroughly enjoyed here. The dancing would go on till late in the night and my friends and I would continue dancing even after the music had stopped playing.

Then finally we shifted to powai which is relatively cleaner and has better roads too. Heres where I started going to my junior college and began my train travel. I always used to wander why people would say “ Arrey yaar! Aaj ki 9:37 local miss ho gayi”. I would find is fascinating how everyones clock moved according to the train timings and in barely a few months I found myself telling my mother ‘ mumma im getting late! Need to catch the 8: 47 ladies special’.

My college was in churchgate and being an arts student, my friends and I had all the time in the world. We chose to spend this time discovering south Mumbai . Gate way of India, Leoporld café, colaba shopping, not just jazz by the way , pizzeria, the CST station, flora fountain and of course marine drive.I truly believe that the heart of Mumbai is here.

Some of the things that I adore about this city is how I can step down my building and walk in shorts without any cheap comments, or walk the streets at night with my friends in my pyjamas without receiving stares from other. Having lived in a city like Delhi, I realize that the amount of freedom that this city gives me, I can get nowhere else. Its only here that I can travel by bus or train at midnight without any worries. People often talk about the spirit of Mumbai and I never actually knew what it means . But dates like the 26th of July and the 26th of November made me a part of this spirit. Today when I go back to my native place  on vacation, all my relatives tell me and my sister ‘ tum dono toh ekdam Mumbai ki girls ban gayi ho’ and actually they are right! Today we have all become part of this magnificent Metropolis  and have blended well with its colours. We do all the things that mumbaikars do and no longer mind the garbage, the traffic, the bad roads and the pollution. Now that Im done with my 12th, I have been applying in colleges all over the country, but somewhere I hope that I get through a good college here itself and get to be a part of this city for the next 3 years as well.

Kanika Saksena

May 26

Eat, sleep, play repeat.. Possible?

Everyone calls Mumbai, the city of dreams, a city that never sleeps. It’s true no doubt about that, but only for a section of the society. Well when we look at the young and restless that’s not the case. Recently i read this article in the newspaper regarding a residential society who filed an FIR against the kids playing inside the compound and i stood aghast at what nonsense i was reading. Sure it is something you dont get to see on the news everyday but it is something very uncommon.

So i read that news further. It said that the society filed an FIR because the kids there used to shout while playing (LOL, i mean how can you expect someone to play with pin drop silence). It then reminded me an incident which happened in my society a couple of months back. We used to play all kinds of sports in our colony (there’s a ground and 3 sides are surrounded by residential buildings) and used to make noise (anyone who’s playing generally does) we were playing here since god knows when, i think since when i was born i was playing there. So there was a new flat owner in one of the buildings.

Once what happened it a football hit his grill, and he became angry and came down running. Somehow he managed to show us how our ball(pathetic condition, it wasn’t even inflated properly that time) managed to break his iron grill from the middle ( Haha, like are you serious?) And then he raised several issues, it was taken up to the society and then the matter was concluded saying that no more football from now on. We said ok, we agreed then we started playing basketball there. Again that same man had some problem, once he came down with a knife, stabbed our ball and went home (I MEAN WHAT THE HELL, who the hell does that) Ok, not letting us play is one thing, and with that incident he had gone tooo far. We had to take revenge. I mean we had all sorts of festivals (HOLI, DIWALI, etc) to take revenge. We would hide ourselves by putting colors on our face, ring the bell unload all kinds of shit/colour/balloons on him and he would have no proof at all 😛

But we decided to let it go and just trouble him with the age old custom of ringing the bell and running away prank. None the less we started playing badminton there. He came one day and started shouting at us from playing there. It was May time and our exams and stuff were over, i mean out summer vacation were going on ( and many of us were preparing for entrances that time so we used to come down in the evening for sometime to take a break) he like an retard started shouting that we all are lafangas and taporis wasting our life and disturbing others who are preparing for entrances(what a retard ) We tried to explain we are the ones who are giving exams so please let us take our break and leave us alone. But he wouldn’t listen. Screw him.

Anyways on this other hand, there was this man, i mean one kind generous man, he owned a jeep, we had literally torn it apart, front My car light is broken so I will make due with what I have?light, tail light, signal light all were gone. But still he used to laugh and look at us while playing. He never minded that. I mean he sure would turn angry sometimes, but then the next day he’d come to us and tell us, kids all i am saying is dont damage the property like it’ trash. I love that man for that. I mean seriously.

Well thus looking at both the incidents i came to a conclusion that people who have felt what it’s like to have a childhood understand that it’s important for children to play. Like my dad. I mean till date ( i am in SY B Tech) he forces me to go down, if not play atleast for a walk. They understand what they as children wanted and what we want, and on the other hand, people who haven’t got to play much, like those who find sitting at home all the time and watching TV/ PC/ video games/etc turn out to be the pain in the asses later on.

Let’s look at the bigger picture here, ie Mumbai. Now how many parents/individuals do you think in Mumbai are the ones like the latter ones, the ones which understand. I think a very few percentage of population. GET OUT, AND GET GOING MAN! Now imagine, you are sitting here wasting your time reading this while you could be out, enjoying the sun, roaming around here and there, living life large. We get only one life, we should make the most of it, try living in the present and enjoy the summer of 69!

So all i ask you people to spend your life outside home, sure there’s nothing like playing CS on LAN with friends 😛 agreed, but then trust me there’s NOTHING  AT ALL LIKE PLAYING FOOTBALL IN THE RAIN. That’s the maxxxxxx you can get. Remember, never to become those pain in the asses so go out and enjoy your life  in  mumbai!

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May 26

Fast Line

I was trying to unerstand the concept behind fastness of mumbai. The purpose behind this post is not to criticize mumbai, its just one of the reasons i thought and here i go.

I have heard many people saying that life in mumbai is too fast. I really didn`t get the thought behind that statement and what they actually mean by it. The office timings in Mumbai are the same like in other cities. The amount of work is somewhat also the same. If i keep on comparing, we can find thousands of similar stuffs, but, i dont find any special difference, then why the fast tag with Mumbai life.

Well, I thought it this way. Many people use multiple modes of transport to reach their destination. It’s very rare to reach a venue by using only one source. Does that makes Mumbai faster then other city, since people have to travel a lot!

The other thing which I have noticed is the speed of Pedestrians. Here they walk too fast(Comparitively a bit faster). I think that is also because to reach the place on time, not because they are actually very active.

If I generalize, it’s actually the crowd, the traffic and narrow roads of the city which makes the city labeled as the Fast Life.

I am not the better person to comment, let me hear from real Mumbiakars. What they think about that. Why they say “Mumbai life is so fast!”

P.S. The post is not an offense to any Mumbaikar. I love this city of dreams and the people here.

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May 24

Cutomised Emails, Anyone?

You can sign up an e-mail address such as [email protected] by clicking

To check emails, just visit, and Login with your Mail-ID

Thanks 😀

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May 19

Mumbai Monsoons

Beautiful isn’t it ? Shot with just a Nokia N79 on a monsoon day, just before the rain began. This picture is quite old but meaningful as a memory. It depicts Mumbai’s most famous place “The Queens Necklace” on a monsoon day.Monsoons are very important to us Mumbaikars and Marine Drive is the place to be, the waves lashing against the coast and hot tea with friends and pictures spins just every other but a special story. It’s mid-May, exactly the time we’ll be pissed off with the heat and long for the enchanting spell of the rains.

Do share if you have had your own memories or pictures of a monsoon day on Marine Drive, if you haven’t, it’s just the time to transform into a true Mumbaikar…..

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